Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I have begun to realize that being here in the office has really lessened the amount of time that we have to be in the sector proselyting.  Talking among various Elders with whom I have become close, and during studies and prayer, I have come to realize that it can change.  Throughout this week I have been praying, studying, and doing everything possible to find a way to be able to accomplish what the Lord wants in our sector and at the same time fulfill with our duties here in the office.  Everything is possible with His help, and anything can be achieved.  Success depends on will, and the Lord blesses us accordingly.  This week I have managed to organize everything I do in the office to a much more compact schedule.  Instead of planning to leave at 5pm (which normally leads us to getting out around 5:30 or 6), my schedule is now built to leave at 3pm like missionaries who are not in the office.  It has been very discouraging to leave so late and not have a whole lot of time to work where it really matters.  I have found that when I really strive to get everything done, it happens.  

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