Sunday, September 9, 2012

The office elders prior to August 22 "cambios."
L to R, Elders Coria, Klinkefus, Nelson, Mietchen, Davis, Goodman;
Carmen, Barker, and Abel.

 Elder Barker, the office financiero, aka "Mr. Incredible."
Elders singing "Called to Serve"

 So today we traveled with the Goodman's to La Cascada, which is a small town off the coast of Lago Llanquihue about an hour south of Osorno.  About a 45 minute hike from the edge of the town is a huge waterfall that measures 138 feet.  We had an amazing time.  The six of us office elders went with them and we were able to take a lot of pictures.  I uploaded a bunch of them to dropbox.  The family might enjoy them.  It was really cool.  I remember hiking up Workman Creek I believe it was, with some friends a while back, and when I saw this one I was absolutely astonished at the difference in size.  I have never seen so much water falling so fast constantly.  Just being at the bottom there was quite the bit of wind just from the water flow.  Even getting down to the same level of the waterfall you get soaked.  Enjoy the pictures.