Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 My last Sunday in Pucòn I had decided to start playing the keyboard (which I detest very much, rather than playing a real piano) to be able to help the branch members out.  Right when I decide to play, they transfer me.  Now I am playing the piano, a nice Clavinova, here in the Laurel ward.  I have decided to teach classes on leading music and playing piano because the church has a great program to help people learn. Unfortunately as a missionary I do not have the time to dedicate to these classes for the quantity of personas that have the desire to learn.  Therefore, I am taking the course material and crunching it down into a small 6 week program.  I will be teaching our ward mission leader and probably one other person to lead music and to play piano so that when I am no longer here they will be able to take the time to teach the rest of the people, hopefully in the whole stake, to lead music and play piano.  I have such a desire to help, yet I simply am not permitted to do it in he full capacity that I would like to.  However, I will do what I can to get things moving.  Maybe someday I will be permitted to spend more time teaching in that capacity.
     We have been working a lot with members because we are both relatively new in the sector.  I know the majority of the members from when I was close by a year ago, and we have their trust.  We have been teaching them and talking about their friends.  This past week we were able to receive over twenty references from members and we contacted five of them.  This is the first time in the mission that I have seen such success with references.  I urge everyone who reads these letters to pray about your friends who are not yet members of the church and ask the Lord how you may be able to present them to the missionaries.  True joy will be brought into your life.